Song Art Museum x ARSIS

Connecting nature and art

About 'Song Art Museum'

'Song' means 'pine tree' in Chinese. The Song Art Museum is a private museum established by art collector Mr. Wang Zhongjun, showcasing his precious collection while providing a new platform for art research. It covers 22,000 square meters with 12 exhibition halls, a public space, and an art derivatives space. The museum's modern architectural design conveys cleanliness and features a courtyard with 199 pine trees. Since its opening in 2017, it has held three large Chinese art exhibitions and aims to promote Chinese modern art and international art exchanges through high-quality exhibitions, research, education, and public events.

The SONG Art Museum is always dedicated to exploring new perspectives and forward-looking approaches in the development of contemporary art around the world. "Connection" is the mission of the SONG Art Museum, to connect people, objects, and spaces with a broad and in-depth common vision.

In collaboration with the SONG Art Museum, ARSIS has reinterpreted the "pine" shape, which represents the soul of the museum, as an art accessory. By connecting the natural elements, sources of inspiration, and feminine spirit inherent in art, the special intention of the "pine" is used to showcase the unique beauty of women and create a symbol of female independence. There is a kind of beauty called everlasting youth, and it is hoped that your life will be like a "pine" tree, with a unique beauty amidst peace and tranquility.