Secret Garden Natürliches Edelstein-Tigerauge-Perlenarmband

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This bracelet is not only a beautiful accessory but also a source of inspiration and motivation. The tiger's eye stone is believed to enhance focus, clarity, and determination, making it an ideal stone for those who seek success in their careers or personal lives. Wearing this bracelet can help you stay grounded and focused on your goals, while also attracting the wealth and abundance that you desire. Let the tiger's eye beaded bracelet be a reminder to stay positive, work hard, and trust in the universe to bring you the blessings that you deserve.

Natural Gemstones:Our natural gemstones with unique colors and captivating beauty. These gemstones possess metaphysical properties that promote balance and help clear negative energy, making them popular for meditation and healing practices.

Freshwater Pearl:We carefully select cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels for our pieces as they require special care due to their delicate nature.

• Set with natural gemstones like Tiger's eye; Yellow aventurine; Rock crystal. Made in 18K gold-plated copper. • Overall length: 14.5cm+5cm extension chain • Stone: 2x4mm • Weight: About 7-8g
Care Instruction

Avoid contact with chemicals (perfumes, skin care products, bath lotion, etc.)

Avoid wearing multiple pieces of metal jewelry at the same time to avoid bumps.

Avoid wearing it during strenuous exercise or when carrying heavy objects.

Avoid jewelry coming into contact with water.

Avoid wearing it while sleeping.

We hold the belief that jewelry must embody beauty, comfort, and longevity. Our artisans meticulously craft each piece with a pursuit of excellence, ensuring flawlessness in every detail and a perfect fit.
We use high-quality, sustainable materials like S925 silver, natural pearls. Tracing each piece's journey from source to finished product, delivering exceptional jewelry that reflects our dedication to a better world.
We provide a jewelry cleaning cloth and storage bag to protect and preserve our pieces' beauty. We use recycled materials for packaging and strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Customer Reviews

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Bi Jia
Very pretty!

I ordered this bracelet because I love natural gemstones and what a treat this bracelet turned out to be. The stones are very pretty and the design of the bracelet is really cute too. Really happy with it!

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